I am from Ceará, I am from the Northeast, I am from Brazil

A foreigner once said to me that the most extraordinary attribute this region had to offer was without a doubt, its people. A most fascinating combination of humor, survival instinct, incidental  ignorance, immense creative potential, bad driving skills, joie de vivre, eventual lack of respect and, sometimes, strange and unexpected solidarity, natural sense of hospitality, great know-how in turning adverse circumstances into gold and an incredible capacity to learn quickly and consistently are, to name but a few, the attributes and faults of this complex and rich personality albeit very simple and extremely spontaneous.

Attributes such as tenacity, determination, strong survival instinct are best exemplified when desert, torrid landscapes in the countryside are blessed with one little drop of rain and the next day we can notice the difference with a touch of green emerging through incredible hardships of their existences!!

Grandeur in simplicity and for this very reason the highest expression of emotion of a true face and a simple rescued  identity.

This is a blessed land where sun shines with fierce smiles makes everything possible in a gentle but steady prediction. This is a place where graciously vain mermaids are responsible for settling down adventurers and motivate them to build their business and happy homes. How much business has been done, created and developed as a result of someone falling in love with a chosen one from these shores?!!

This is a land to challenge strong hearts, the same ones who look for strong emotions to exercise their adventurous instinct. A place to challenge their professional capacity by exercising their potential creativity and having the opportunity to contribute to the  community and thus bringing meaning and consistency to their lives.

This is the place with a climate which brings inevitable spontaneous smile to people’s face and makes life seem worth living with a feeling of gratitude. There are wonderful beaches and if you look with special eyes there is so much to explore!!!

This is the good land even where a lot of foreigners choose to have a happy farewell to life retaining good memories and a good taste in their final smiles!!!

Dear friends, be always welcome!!! Why don’t you come and leave a, sometimes, passive position as an onlooker and help us to transform, to improve things which must be improved in this landscape.

Maybe there is a need for us to cultivate and develop a healthy pride to be more eloquent and impeccable in our actions for this community.

There is so much which can always be done in commercial, professional, cultural and in socio- environmental areas!!! There is so much to explore with gratitude and fascination!!

Come then! Be welcome! Be always welcome in our homeland!!!

Marcos de Castro


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